Tuesday, August 07, 2007

always- coming to my rescue

because thats who you are. and i cant understand you and i wont ever. and i cant be perfect. and i will never be. and i dont know everything. i never will. i dont have the answers, you do. untold. i cant prove anything, i can only sit in your presense. try to explain it. oh Lord, inspire me. fill me, fuel me like you used to. like you're known to do. Father, have all of me. take all of me. all decisions, every ounce of me Lord God. i need you to do it because sometimes i dont have the strength for it. i dont want to ever fake anything with you, Lord God. always be true and real. clear and kind. light my path, fill me in peace. joy. trust, faith. passion. emotion. kindness. love, reflection of you Lord God. set my foot straight ahead, my focus, my vision.. all of you, Lord God. i cant explain you, i can only love you. trust you. i cant prove you. i can only feel you. know you. love you.


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