Saturday, January 20, 2007

its all this unknown and this constant determination, daily choice of serving you. and seeking you when i just dont want to.
loving you when i remembered its what i'm here for. to focus in on that. that one goal, youre the prize and i'm wholly not.
when knowing theres nothing else like your peace, you're all i need you're all i'm here for..
tasting once that goodness, that joy, and remembering on all of earth, all the highs we go through in your presense, right there where you've bagged for us to get to, its clearly better than life. how could i just go back? how could it become so easy?
shine your light when i just want to be dark and quiet. selfish and feeding all my desires.
my savior, saving me everytime.
Oh my God, our God, you are so mighty to save.
and its these easy reminders, i am yours and you are mine. always and forever.


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