Friday, September 15, 2006

i want to be used

i want to be great. i am content with my life, i am grateful for my life. i was thinking about it yesterday, i was on my break and i was listening to my music and i was outside completly in awe of this life and his beauty. and i was thinking about how i would get so annoyed because any free time of mine, justin wanted to be on the phone. (ps i now hate the phone). i've been so blessed. its me and him, my favorite, my all.
i want to be used. i really want to lead a life of integrity and growth.
i'm looking too hard. i'm looking to be used too hard, to find what your purpose is. to seek out your will.
you want me to be still? why oh why. you know i hate that.
i'm so blessed with this life but i feel like i got to keep going and searching, moving and looking to be used in a bigger and more effective way. help me understand your seasons, your plans. your past. all of you. everything about you.


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