Saturday, September 16, 2006

help me see what you want me to see

drained and worn out. all up and all down. blessed and cursed. i seek to find my stability only in you. only hope, your presense, your sound, your strength. to build me into the image you've had from the beginning. attacks from the back, from the front is the truth, i sink to miss it, all broken and bruised. so many words, only one truth. all that i've created for was found only in you. the past is a demon, i've been blessed to remind, what really did happen, a conqury at a time. your brilliant creations ive abused to compare, myself to all else, so far from your plan. your purpose neglected, avoided then trusted. such a child like mind, you mold into a child like heart, my daddy, my papa, nothing will ever keep us apart. after the clouds, soon comes the storm, i tilt my head up a bit, i only want to know you much more!


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