Sunday, December 10, 2006

sometimes all you can say is


its these up and downs.

the realizations of who you are.
and then the realization of my failures, of how little i am, of my dirt built up inside of me.
blinding me from your goodness. trying to get to where you have planned. this wasnt part of it. this time, this spot right here it is.
these emotions, those distractions. you will use it for the better help me understand the difference i know you dont want your children feeling this,
i live for those times of sitting on top of the stairs in this office. knowing you're higher. but you've met me.
right here,
as is.
loving every part of it.
as i hand over to you all of me, all i've gathered. you eagerly take it, so graciously. so lovingly. so unlike me oh Father I want to be like you. desire.surrender. focus,
on you.
your heart.

and all i can say is hallelujah..


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