Thursday, August 17, 2006

what have you done?

what have you pulled me through? why have you loved me so much? why have you changed my heart? why have you blessed me time and time again and i cant even bless you back half as much as you have done for me.
you have satisfied all of my desires. when this world drains me i still have so much to live for. i cant even shout all the time like i want. call me towards your will, oh father you have my life.
i love this

did you rise the sun for me? or paint a million stars so that i might know your majesty?
is your voice upon the wind? is everything i've known marked with my markers fingertips?
breath on me, let me see your face.. ever i will seek you.

cause all you are, is all i want, always. draw me close, in your arms oh God, i wanna be with you

can i feel you in the rain? abandon all i am to have you capture me again.. let the earth resound with praise, can you hear as all creation lives to glorify one name??

oh God i feel ..indescribable. i cant bless you enough, i cant lovey ou enough. i cant thank you enough. you are the only absoulte, the only one i want to praise. how many times have i ignored you and how many times have you covered me with grace and mercy and open arms?
oh God, i'm so in love with you.


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