Monday, July 16, 2007

Father, fill me with passion. all my life, all to you. help me to understand what those words mean to have my heart always matching up along side my mind and your plan, Father God. i pray that you bring me to peace, to your joy, continually seeking your wisdom and hand. constantly chasing after anything thats of you, Lord God. I pray that you give me vision, a total and complete vision that i can live out and work toward something, work toward you. father you continually guide and guard me, that you cover my heart with your hands, constantly holding it. that you show me who you are and your people, that you teach me how to love all your people, all types of people, that i see people as hearts. as just this gentle, fragile heart, the way that you see them Lord God. that i dont see failures but i constanly see such great hope. help me to always chase after you, even those moments that i want to sit and cry and be debbie downer Lord God, i want my eyes on you and others. not on myself life is so tragic and hopeless when i do that.
I love you Lord, help me to always love you. to know that love and to get that love and to give that love. i love you.