Sunday, August 27, 2006

an email from a blessing at work.

i have been overly blessed. like i honestly feel like i need to start talking the Lord out of blessing me because i dont deserve any of it. i dont deserve anymore!!

my friend from work who i sit by now, shes a ministers wife, and shes wonderful and so wise and i'm always looking to her for her input or scripture and shes been a complete blessing. a COMPLETE blessing.

this basically sums up my night last night

Kelly Tuttle on Sunday, August 27, 2006 at 6:55 AM -0800 wrote:
mrs rita, i wanted to let you know what happened yesterday because it was so wonderful and i feel like my sister is finally making progress and starting to realize how badly she needs the Lord, but i'm afraid she'll give up so she also needs a lot of prayer.
i've been trying to get her to go to church for a few years now, shes really been into hard drugs and has totally fallen away from the Lord. last night on my way home from work i usually dont pray for the services but (!!) yesterday i did, just for the Lord to bless the message and for him to speak to us through it and to just bring his presense to us. about an hour later (after the prayer) me and my sister were talking and i'm like "wanna go to church w/me tonight?" she said "sure" i said ok i'll pick you up in an hour and so time passed and i totally thought she was going to cancel but she didnt, she came to church w/me ..the message for the past few weeks have been on job, and just struggles in life and about how when we put our foundation on anything other than God, of course its going to fail. it talked a lot about in the last chapter how after Job starts getting sassy w/God and finally Job has to suck it up and admit that "it is i" that is at fault for doing what he did (for being angry w/God, angry accustations.. ect" and how we have to, as well, suck it up and admit our sins and just simply say "it is i" and not put the fault on any one other than ourselves.
my sister loved the message and my pastor has probably had the alter call only a few times out of the year and 1/2 that i've been there but!! God is SO good and pastor knew my sister needed it and he called and at first kasey just stood there but then pastor said "theres more of you that need to come up" and kasey stomped her feet (literally! haha!) and said "are you coming w/me?" and we went up to gether and she just fell apart in front of the Lord and cried and cried and we prayed and it was so wonderful and hes so gracious and i think shes coming to remember that.. i'm so excited but at the same time i'm so worried shes going to give up. so we needs LOTS AND LOTS of prayer because i tell you something, the Lord has totally blessed my sister with the ability to LEAD ..shes just been using her gift for a different path.. :-)
love you friend,

this is what rita wrote back..
What a wonderful note of encouragement to wake up to !!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your sister. I believe that she will remember that night for the rest of her life,because that was between her and the Lord. As you know He has his own way of doing things. Who would have thought that your sister would even say yes and want to go with you on a Saturday night ? What if you never asked her to go? He knows how and when to do things.
I will surely be praying for her that her faith grows strong and want to really live for him. What she's going through now is going to be her testimony. She will be able to witness and relate to people that you and I would never be able to draw.
We had to go to a visiting church last night, my husband had to preach there. His subject was that"It's just a matter of time."
Remember in Ecclesiastics when the bilble says "To everything there is a season?"
That means that we have to wait for the seasons of our lives to change,and that takes time. Time is in His hands and He's got it all in control. What ever you have been waiting for God to do,and what He said he would do,He will do it. Remember Numbers 23:19-20.
Kelly you have to also know that you are Gods' woman, and that your personality draws people also wether it is friends, family ,or strangers. God has given you a wonderful spirit and I don't know if you really recognize how great it is !!!!!

I t has been a blessing for me to sit beside you,because you make me laugh. Going over the Word of God has been ther most delightful.
Be encouraged and know that the Lord has everything under control.
And remember that I'ts just a matter of time.
Have a Blessed Day !!!!!!!!!

"how could such a king, shine his light on me? and make everything beautiful ...again?"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

what have you done?

what have you pulled me through? why have you loved me so much? why have you changed my heart? why have you blessed me time and time again and i cant even bless you back half as much as you have done for me.
you have satisfied all of my desires. when this world drains me i still have so much to live for. i cant even shout all the time like i want. call me towards your will, oh father you have my life.
i love this

did you rise the sun for me? or paint a million stars so that i might know your majesty?
is your voice upon the wind? is everything i've known marked with my markers fingertips?
breath on me, let me see your face.. ever i will seek you.

cause all you are, is all i want, always. draw me close, in your arms oh God, i wanna be with you

can i feel you in the rain? abandon all i am to have you capture me again.. let the earth resound with praise, can you hear as all creation lives to glorify one name??

oh God i feel ..indescribable. i cant bless you enough, i cant lovey ou enough. i cant thank you enough. you are the only absoulte, the only one i want to praise. how many times have i ignored you and how many times have you covered me with grace and mercy and open arms?
oh God, i'm so in love with you.